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Amended August 8, 2017

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  1. All O.M.H.A. rules apply.

  1. Any association entering a team or teams in the above mentioned league agrees to follow the rules and by-laws of this league and the O.M.H.A.

  1. Failure to arrive for a game with sufficient players to play that game will result in a rescheduling game. The minimum number of player is seven (7).  There is also a fine in place that is automatically activated for such a cancellation by the offending centre. (See Rule 4)

  1. Tri-County contacts and coaches must be notified of cancelled games seven (7) days (1 week) in advance of game date. Failure to give sufficient notice will result in the cost of On and Off ice officials but may not include ice time which will be handled on a game by game basis.  Game changes are to be made through the centre representatives only. The only exception being during in climate weather or for no referees available. In this case, the centre representative or the league conveners should be contacted. If neither is available, a coach may contact the other coach directly to cancel the game in these emergency situations. The O.M.H.A. convener must be informed of any cancelled games. A fine will automatically be assessed to the offending teams or centres if the game in question is ruled a no show.  No show fee structure to be the cost of the ice plus the cost of referees and any additional costs for score keeper, time keeper or gate person as submitted to the league by the home team

a.) Forfeits are to be avoided by all reasonable means.  However, should a forfeit occur a penalty shall be payed to the League as per the fine structure laid out for No-show games.  Points for that game will be awarded to the opponent.  If the Fortfeit happens in the Playoff Round Robin points will be awarded to the opponent.  If the forfiet occurs in a Championship series the Series will also be forfeited to the opponent.   

  1. All fines and assessments are automatic upon approval by league committee and are automatically deducted from the team bond if they are unpaid. A letter will be sent to the offending centre to address the fine upon board approval including due date as amount. Notification will be presented to the offending centre to upgrade their bond monies which is required forthwith within thirty (30) days.

  1. Rescheduled games must be completed on the Tri County League website as quickly as possible even if it is a T.B.A. game.  The Game change must go to the proper person concerned in accordance with the information on the Website. This is the only method that is acceptable. When a rescheduled date is confirmed, the updated information is presented to the league statistician and O.M.H.A. representative by the initiating centre contact.

  1. All protested games must be marked on the game sheet at the time of the games completion and before the game sheet is submitted to the proper officials for his or her signature. The league committee will rule on the protest. A fifty ($50.00) dollar fee will be applied. This fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld. The protest fee must accompany the game sheet when sent in.

  1. The lengths of the games are as follows: Novice fifty (50) minutes (Rule subject to change after final notification from OMHA for the 2017/18 season), Atom sixty (60) minutes, Peewee seventy (70) minutes, Bantam eighty (70/80) minutes, and Midget eighty (80) minutes. All games sheets must be clearly marked as the length of periods, curfew times and scrapes. (Bantam) Centre may increase the length of the first period to 15 minutes as long as there is sufficient time to allow a flood between the 2nd and 3rd periods.  Otherwise the minimum length of periods is listed in Table 1.  Game numbers must appear on all game sheets. Centre conveners are to check for game numbers prior to sending in the game sheets. All games are to be played stop time. (See Table 1)

Table 1


Period #1

Period #2

Period #3

Novice “C”

10 Minutes

10 Minutes

10 Minutes

Novice “B”

10 Minutes

10 Minutes

15 Minutes


10 Minutes

10 Minutes

15 Minutes


10 Minutes

15 Minutes

15 Minutes


10/15 Minutes

15 Minutes

15 Minutes


15 Minutes

15 Minutes

15 Minutes

  1. There will be no overtime during regular season.  Overtime will be used in a game stands tied in a Playoff Finals. This will result in a five (5) minute sudden victory then a three (3) man shoot out if necessary. If the game is still tied after the (3) man shoot out, the same (3) three players in order will participate in a sudden victory shoot out. The three (3) players are to be selected after the 5 minute overtime.)

  1. Points will be awarded as follows: two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for each team in the event of a tie. Standings may be calculated by percentage when required.

  1. Any complaints concerning coaches, playing conditions, etc. should be forwarded to the centre Tri- County Hockey League contact and a meeting if necessary will be called to discuss the complaint.

  1. Any complaints concerning referees shall be forwarded in writing to the centre referee coordinator.  Referee-In-Chief.

  1. Each centre will be required to post a two hundred and fifty ($250.00) dollar performance bond. All fines levied against the centre will be deducted from the bond if not paid by due date.  The bond must be maintained at this ($250.00) dollar level throughout the season. The performance bond must be restored to this level within thirty (30) days if it is used by the league. Team entry fees will be established at the beginning of each season usually at the first meeting following the Annual General Meeting. Team fees should be set after the number of teams in the league has been established for the season

  1. It is our best interest that all centres have a representative at all league committee meetings. Failure to do so will result in a twenty-five ($25.00) dollar fine to the offending centre or centres. Failure of a centre to attend the annual general meeting will result in a one hundred ($100.00) dollar fine.

  1. Each centre in good standing with the Tri-County Hockey League will have one (1) votes at regular monthly league committee meetings. The executive combined will only have one vote in the event of a tie.  If a member of the executive is also a centre representative contact they will have a vote for the centre. The O.M.H.A. contact(s) will not have voting privileges.

  1. Awards to be determined annually by league committee.

  1. Member Associations will only pay the minimum referee fees as listed in the OMHA manual of operations.

  1. Playoff plans are to be drawn up by the league committee and ready for presentation at the November meeting.  This may vary from season to season

  1. Novice “C” (Tyke) players must be seven (7) years of age or younger as of December 31st of the registration year.Subject to OMHA final decision on these divisions. (Rule subject to change after final notification from OMHA for the 2017/18 season)

  1. A fine of one hundred dollars ($100) will be assessed to any centre not having a representative for each and every team at the scheduling meetings.

  1. In the event that the on-ice officials do not show for a scheduled game, the following criteria is to be followed:

a) The game must be rescheduled with thirty (30) days by centre convener

b) The visiting team must be given a choice of two (2) dates with reasonable times.

c) The game will be rescheduled on the original centres home ice. If no date can be agreed on, the conveners may decide to play at the original visiting team centre if the ice is available there.  The final decision rests with the conveners with the objective to play the game.

d) If the conveners cannot agree on a rescheduling date, the O.M.H.A. representative may intervene to resolve the issue.

  1. The statistician is a paid position.  The paid amount with be determined at each A.G.M. meeting

  2. All Championship division teams must be available to play a best of 3 series during the Championship week (Usually the week following “March break”) Teams unable to commit to the league Finals will be bumped for the next team in the standings at the end of the playoff round robin.  If two teams shoulsd be ties after the Consolation round robin a one game playoff will be held to determine a champion.  Home Ice will be determined by regular tie breaking procedures.

  1. All Score clock opperators and those filling out game sheets must be properly trained and must adhere to the Guidelines as set out by the OMHA Code of Conduct.  These positions must be filled by members in good stading with the association.

The Executive board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Past President.

Past President

Shall be used as a valuable resource for past decisions and intent of association By-Laws

Shall act as chair in the absence of the President and Vice President.

Will sit as a voting member of the executive board to be used in tie breaking procedures.

Handle any duties deemed necessary by the General executive.


Shall serve as the chair for all executive meetings.

Shall have thorough knowledge of the league By-Laws and OMHA/Hockey Canada rules where applicable to the league.

Hold signing authority for the league.

Represent the league in OMHA matters.

Vice President

Shall serve as chair in the absence of the President

Shall be in charge of ordering League trophies

Shall organize the League Scheduling meetings.


Shall keep record of league accounts.

Shall hold signing authority for the league

Shall provide a financial update at all meetings

Shall track the standing of member associations

Shall provide invoices when necessary for payment to league


Shall be responsible for the minutes of all executive meetings and the Annual General Meeting

Shall be responsible for the update and distribution of league contact information

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